Become a Member


As a member of Burnel’s Boutique you have access to our online platform where you can find all the facilities our services provide.
All members are invited to our Open Bar Nights which are networking events. It’s the place to be to present your business to potentional customers or partners while enjoying a fresh spirit of your favorite cigar in an informal athmosphere.  This accompanied with an exclusive beverage by one of our partners.
Members of our ambassadorship also get a voucher of 10% of the purchase value of the customer they bring in, get access to our archive sales 
and are invited to our workshops.

If you want to bring your membership to a whole new level and become a part of the private community, there is a contribution of €750/year. Private members are exclusively invited on our private events. This can be a diner on a secret location with guestspeakers, organized visits to our craftmanships, …
Members of our private community can join our workshops free of charge, get an extra advantage on our archive sales and get a voucher of €500.
Visit Burnel’s Boutique for more info.